Help for you to work out why your bike is not at its best.

Diagnostic Approach

Understanding the way to use the app.

The way diagnostics work is that you first narrow down the problem with some simple questions about the nature of the issue.

Note: bikes are apparently simple machines, but an apparently simple symptom can point to a wide variety of possibly unrelated issues, for example a creak on a bike while you pedal might be traced back to a bottom bracket problem, a squeaky seat, a pedal or even a cycling shoe. On this basis, the app does not try and eliminate the less obvious but always presents it. Instead it tries to give a weighting to the likelihood of the problem, and when offering tasks to solve the problem it suggests a "cheapest first" approach.

Top tips:

  • Select a cycle to limit the display to options relevant to your bike (such as not getting hydraulic brake suggestions for a cable braked bike).
  • Swipe left to see further details.
  • Move from left to right to change your questions to get a better answer.
  • You don't need to select anything from characteristics, location or frequency, but it helps narrow things down.
  • Symptoms can be in more than one of any of the groups.
  • Characteristics represent broad groups of the type of problem, location represents where abouts on the bike the problem is (not where you were at the time!) and frequency represents how often the problem occurs and whether there is a noticable rhythm, 
  • From the list of symptoms, select as many as seem to match, then you will get a list of possible causes for those problems.
  • Causes are ordered by likelihood so that the most likely problems are given first. Select as many causes as seem to match the issue.
  • Tasks give you possible solutions for the problems, with an indication of the relative cost of parts, tools, time and skill, ordered by overall value - easiest and cheapest first.
  • A long press on a task will send you to a web search for the task.
  • Parts will show typical parts required for a task. If the app knows about parts you have previously used on the bike it will show a list specific to the cycle selected on the first page. Click on the Buy button to go to a web search for the part by description and part number.
  • You can name your query on the first page and press save on the menu to store your diagnostic query for future reference.
  • You can email a report from the query to your cycle technician, though you should always discuss the issue.


The results given are purely suggestions and it requires appropriate skill to make adjustments to a cycle. If you have any doubts as to your own ability, then you should contact a competent technician. Also, the app makes suggestions purely on your input: therefore it is possible that a technician would come to different opinions as to the source of a problem based on detailed examination of the bike.