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Overview of Pocket CycleTech

The  main features of the Pocket CycleTech app described.

Cycle Overview

This screen defines your cycles

The cycle page details the information the app uses about a bike.


Rides are used to record the wear and tear on your bike.

The app keeps a record of your rides. It is interested in time and distance and the conditions of the ride. It is not interested in your performance, but you can get your rides from Strava or from spreadsheets.

Maintenance Log

Bike bits are where you can keep track of wearing parts.

You can put parts on your bikes and keep track of how they are used. This can help you or your bike mechanic spot where parts are wearing and likely to be in need of servicing.


The app can help you pinpoint likely suspects for problems on your bike.

By answering a few simple questions, the app can help point you in the right direction to sorting out that irritating noise or why your gears don't work.

Find a Mechanic

Your nearest CycleTech mechanic


Mainly nerdy stuff not to worry over!

Kilometres or miles?Check that the data that the diagnostics use is up to date. Link or unlink to Strava back up and restore data.